We conduct regular Monthly Medal Rounds, conducted every month from January to December

The PGC Annual Golf Championship (December Yearly) & several Sponsored Tournaments are held during the year, attracting Golfers from all other Clubs in our State & our Affiliated Clubs.

“The Summer Camp on Golf Coaching for Children got underway about 5 years back, and we have been having the same year after year. These camps are being organised by the Club, and many a time, the expenses are sponsored by big organizations. These Golf Camps for the young, not only provides physical exercise but it also improves concentration, enhancing the capacity to focus and honesty.

“The passion for Golf in Mangalore is fast developing and there is a need to introduce older, as well as the younger generation to this game”

Weddings, Other Functions and Smaller Parties take place regularly, as the Space and Ambience is incomparable.

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